Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils have become an important part of my tool kits as a Midwife and practitioner. I use them during Maya Abdominal Therapy sessions to support fertility, heal scar tissue, increase blood blow, decrease painful menstruation, shrink fibroids, etc. I use them prenatally with my clients for first trimester nausea and digestive upset, for blood sugar support, swelling, and for GBS prevention. They are wonderful during labor to support normal progress, keep mamas calm and breathing deeply, to keep the birth team alert and energized, support normal bleeding at birth, and ground a new mama and babe with its first breaths. In the postpartum they can be used for lactation support, increasing a milk supply, preventing and treating clogged ducts and mastitis, healing the perineum, and lifting spirits when energy is low. 

Essential oils are the natural aromatic compounds that are distilled from the seeds, bark, flowers, leaves, fruits, stems, and roots of plants. They are the protective, immune strengthening, reproductive properties of plants. Essential oils are antibacterial, anticancer, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, anti-parasitic, antiviral, anti-tumor, and anti-infectious. But they also have exquisite aromatic properties! Through steam distillation and cold-pressing techniques, we are able to extract the complex assembly of molecules that create therapeutic actions in the body. They can be used topically, internally, and aromatically. It can take hundreds of pounds of plant matter to make small amounts of essential oils. These oils are incredibly potent - a little goes a long way! 


Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about the incredible healing power of essential oils and the easy home remedy tool kit you can build to care for yourself and your family!  Both retail and wholesale options are available.